Under Two

Dedicated Baby Area

Specially designed for our youngest nursery children, this room provides a loving home-like environment where children grow and flourish. For babies up to 9 months old, we offer a 1:2 staff to child ratio, ensuring each child receives specialised care and attention. Our experienced and highly skilled practitioners encourage the children to independently explore and discover the world around them, whilst being responsive and attentive to both the babies’ and their parents’ needs.

Varied play opportunities enrich the babies’ days. Whether it involves creative time, messy play or sensory experiences, it always involves fun! Sleep is very important, and our babies enjoy a rest in a quiet, dedicated sleep area allowing them to recharge their batteries for more fun later in the day!

Following the Early Years Foundation Stage, staff within the room plan and carry out a range of stimulating activities including a variety of sensory and creative play opportunities. Learning and developing in these tender years is done primarily by sight, sound and interaction, and our Baby Room provides heuristic and sensory opportunities through the use of treasure baskets to engage the babies’ senses and curiosity in the exciting world around them. Outdoor learning is catered for by regular outings in the surrounding area, along with use of the nursery’s large garden where we have equipment and activities to stimulate the development of your baby.

Toddler Room

The world becomes a bigger place and life gets more exciting as your baby becomes a toddler. A time of great adventure and discovery, the toddlers investigate their physical development and extend their curiosities in a variety of areas. We provide a range of activities on different levels for our toddlers to explore, as they start to make their own choices about which areas to investigate.

From fun, social time such as circle time and singing, there are equally areas for quiet time, perhaps story time with a practitioner, and areas in which your child can be creative. Children at this age develop walking, balance and co-ordination skills, but also begin the important process of learning to form friendships and socialise with those of their own age. Children are encouraged at mealtimes to feed themselves and by sitting with the practitioners at the table, start to enjoy the social aspect of mealtimes.