Over Two

Nursery Room

As your child moves into our 2-3 year old room, their exploration and co-operation skills develop more strongly, as they acquire discovery through play and enjoyment. As the practitioners introduce more structured activities, we ensure your child is constantly learning and being stimulated to experience new things. Children also learn to express themselves and their needs, and show sensitivity to their friends, with emphasis placed on positive behaviour.

While the children have the freedom to choose what to play with, they will also start to play games alongside each other, and will begin to show more independence in their own daily routine, for example, the children learn to serve their meals and dress themselves, This independence is gently encouraged and the practitioners will work closely alongside you and your child when you feel they are ready to start toilet training.

Pre-school Room

In this room, we prepare your child for a seamless transition to the great adventure that lies ahead: big school!

Pre-school is an important time in a child’s life as they learn about the world and those around them. Our Pre-school staff provide a wide range of child-centred activities to create plenty of stimulating challenges. Our highly experienced team ensure that each child is happy, healthy, safe and motivated to learn and try new things, and we nurture the children to develop their skills, knowledge and attitudes.

Key workers continue to assess and chart children’s progress, and we involve parents every step of the way. Regular newsletters let parents know about upcoming topics and events within the room, such as celebrating festivals which are important here at home and across the world. These regular updates allow parents to support and encourage learning.

Some of the highlights of our pre-school room involve:

  • Getting to grips with technology which is vitally important to children in today’s world. Using an interactive screen for registration time helps the children to recognise their names. The screen also provides practice for letter and number formation – and some very creative drawings!
  • Introducing the ‘Dojo’ system used at local schools, which encourages good listening skills and rewards children for super behaviour.
  • Plenty of outdoor play either in the garden or in our undercover play area, giving the children the chance to explore the world around them.
  • An outdoor classroom gives us the extra space to learn and be creative or just enjoy being outside while listening to a great story with one of the practitioners
  • Being encouraged to be independent. The children dress themselves when going out to play and serve themselves at mealtimes, which also enhances communication and social skills.